Astronomers Discover 168 New Stars Near The Orion Region; Finding Could Help Pinpoint Time Of Planet Formations (january 9, 2001)

  NASA's Cassini Listens To Eerie New "Sounds" Of Space Near Jupiter (7 janvier 2001)

  Blood Glucose Level Can Predict Cardiovascular Risk (january 8, 2001)

  NASA's Cassini Listens To Eerie New "Sounds" Of Space Near Jupiter (january 7, 2001)

  Bilbies Invade Central Australia (january 8, 2001)

  For The First Time, Scientists Uncover How Breast Cancer Metastasizes (February 1, 2001)

  NASA's IMAGE Spacecraft Reveals Earth's Invisible Magnetic Tail (January 30, 2001)

  A valuable lesson in gene therapy (January 23, 2001)

  Genetic mutation identified that results in aggressive, drug resistant, cancers (January 22, 2001)

  Hessian fly genomics research will benefit wheat farmers, others (January 22, 2001)

  Genomics research promises to make hogs less piggy (January 20, 2001)

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Since 1994 Americans have been eating genetically altered foods, in a large part produced by Monsanto.

Large food chains like Mc Donald’s and Frito-lay Co. have recently refused to continue using modified potatoes and corn produced by Monsanto due to public pressures.

Another big concern are Prosilac injections in cows. This hormone increases milk production by 10 to 15 percent, but scientific studies have shown that this drug is harmful and contains high levels of cancer-causing agents.

But how can eating or drinking something genetically modified not eventually alter our own genetic make-up ? When we discover the long-term effects, will it be too late ?